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  Magick School Lenk
Online school of witchcraft, basics of magick, numerology
This is a place where witches and pagans can find exchange of knowledge and news. Also, a virtual school is attached, in which magickal basics, numerology, runes, basics for ritual work and herbalogy, the festivals, card-reading, aromatherapy, the use of the magickal mirror and many more are taught. For further details, please see the thread „Info/News“. More classes and seminars are in preparateion. Furthermore, interesting topics such as: holistic medicine, astrology, witches, gemstones, astral projection, shamanic quest, lucid dreams, dream interpretation, the elements, myths, supernatural experiences, entities (e.g. deities, fairies, nature-spirits, demons) reiki, incense and many more are to be found.
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Info / News

Related info
This is the English version of Magick-School Lenk (http://www.magieschule-lenk.de).

Next common ritual
Our next shared ritual takes place at Feb. 2nd (Imbolc).

School Information
There are also currently in the school the following classes and seminars:

There are also currently in the school the following working groups:

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